Shopping for accidentally vegan food

Accidentally Vegan Everyday Foods Top 10 – Australia

A list of killer accidentally vegan friendly treats!

I bet you thought going vegan meant you had to give up a bunch of household favourites right? Well your pals here at BeanSprout have put together a list of accidentally vegan foods.

But what are “accidental vegan” foods you say?

Well, these are those foods you find in almost every trolley that inexplicably are actually vegan! Random pantry fillers that are totally meat and dairy free. So go ahead, fill your trolley!

  • Mayonaise

Wait, mayo…really?! Well let us explain. See most mayo’s on supermarket shelves are actually vegan due to their absence of egg whites. When shopping just checkout the cheaper (home brand) alternatives to the larger brand names, usually these are egg free and totally up for grabs! Check out this example!

  • Chicken Salt

Oil me up and dip me in a vat of this bad boy please. Totally vegan and totally by accident. So go ahead and pour it on by the ladle and make those hot chippies singgggg

  • Sour Patch Kids

The snack to inhale by the kilo. This munchie slayer is gelatine free and that is oh so sweet.

  • Frosty Fruits

The average Australian summer wouldn’t be right without you having to inhale the ice block before the sun gets to it. Well now you have an excuse to go back for seconds with this vegan mistake that is just so right.

  • Kellogs Coco Pops

Yeah really….nuff said?

  • Pringles (BBQ and Original)

Once you pop you really can’t stop for the flavours here but if it’s BBQ or Original then you are good to munch.

  • Oreos

Righto, righto, any vegan will list these and it’s a well known fact but still the undisputed champion of any accidental vegan list and therefore worthy of a mention.

  • Skittles

Skittles in Australia use no animal products in it’s ingredient list and totally up for grabs

  • Drinking Chocolate

Notably the Cadbury Drinking Chocolate variety is totally vegan! Containing no milk products at all, so that cuppa can be guilt(ish) free

  • Sriracha Mayo Sauce

Hipsters rejoice, Sriracha Mayo is vegan. Better yet the popular Flying Goose brand is leading the pack here and gained vegan status from the Vegan Society!

Some other accidentally vegan foods that didn’t make the list:

  • Mentos – all flavours
  • Daryl Lea Liquorice
  • Chupa Chups
  • Ritz (Original, choc and vanilla)
  • Woolworths Sour Straps
  • Starburst Chews
  • Stock – Chicken/Beef (check brands)
  • Nesquick Chocolate
  • Arnotts Delta Creams
  • Arnotts Shapes – BBQ